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Notice: These MEMOs regarding the Tips of using Mac OSX and Xcode mainly.
There is many pages which are written by Japanese(Shift-JIS/UTF-8).

*I don't guarantee the accuracy of these information. At own your risk.

Xcode Using Tips(SHIFT_JIS)
* XcodeTips ( Generaly )

* Xcode Template
* How to put custom-icon to my application with Xcode?
* Interface Builder Memo

Libraries&Frameworks (SHIFT_JIS)
* Memo about kind of libraries on OSX(not compilation )
* How to install libraries?
* How to link Libraries&Frameworks with Xcode?
* Objective-C++ newbie memo

MacOSX+Xcode(+Terminal )(SHIFT_JIS)
* Using Allegro Library /API Memo
* Using SDL Library

Indicate to Japanse freefont(use Glyph Keeper Library )(SHIFT_JIS)
* case: use Allegro Library / case: use SDL Library

Mod , MP3 ,Ogg Vorbis file (use Fmod Library)(SHIFT_JIS)
* OSX Fmod Library

OpenGL 3D(use AllegroGL Library)(SHIFT_JIS)
* OpenGL OpenGL General / OpenGL+GLUT
* Allegro+AllegroGL (Install and Tips)
* OpenGL Study Memo Allegro+AllegroGL, Camera(Projection & Billboard)
* OpenGL Study Memo 2 Allegro+AllegroGL ,mulitiple cameras view (glViewport)

* OpenGL Supporting tool of Apple

* dimension 3 Some english informations.

Other topic(SHIFT_JIS)
* D Language for OS X()
* Japanese input method 'Canna' study memo(Canna client , EUC to UTF8 convert)
* Japanese text code conversion filter 'nkf' (call nkf library )
* Lua 5.0 with OSX Memo
* Io 1.0 with OSX Memo