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  • :Proceed push button according to the Wings3D infoline message.
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WINGS 3D Help Dictionary

This is an unofficial database of the Wings3D === Information. -- [ Log ][ Usage | Getting Started | Tips for non-English user ]- [ Workflow][ User Interface ]

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Tips for non-English user.

▶How to switch language for user interface.
Use a Preference dialog in the Wings3D, and set Language and System Font.

However in the current Wings3D v1.5, file-dialog and Interface can indecate UTF-8 strings, but can't load to UTF-8 filename.

▶What a good file name for save to 3D data is ?
When you put on file for import/export Wings3D,
Use the file or a path/folder... ▶Where have to make a work folders for Wings3D?
Also you can work on the folder under MyDocument(WinXP),Desktop(Win7,OSX,Linux) ▶What to do if Wings3D was in trouble unrecoverable.
(Example: Wings3D can't open directory.)
  1. At first quit Wings3D application.
  2. Delete Preference.txt of the Wings3D.
  3. Restart the Wings3D application.
▶Where is location of Preferences.txt?

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The Wings3D Original Icon developers are
Gregg Griffin: Designed icons and the new look of Wings.
Patrick de Klein (TheChalker): Designed the Wings icon that is used on the Windows version of Wings.
Chris Wayles: Made nicer eye and pyramid icons for the Object and Outliner window.
Keith Bauer: Created Mac OS X document icons for all file types that Wings supports.
Benjamin Burnett (Gordo): Designed the new icon and splash screen for Wings 1.0.
from Wings3D AUTHORS file.