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Wings3D v2.2.x (2018)
Wings3D v2.0 - 2.1.x (2016)
Wings3D v1.x (2014)

Geometry Graph : Folder management

Click (Select/Visiblity/Lock/Wireframe) of attribute for object item.
v1.5.4 & v2.0.xv2.1.x
LMB: only the current object
MMB: all items in the current Folder
RMB: all objects in the GeometryGraph
LMB: only the current object
RMB: all items in the current Folder
RMB+SHIFT: all objects in the GeometryGraph
(See Folders)

How to split/docking/un-docking by Window Panel

How to a window overlapping? : Press SHIFT key while dragging a window.
How to un-docking a panel?: Press left mouse button on the TITLE BAR of the panel,and dragging out it from main panels.

New Features

Add Subdivision(RMB) -Rigid Smooth-

When Primitives to place at first ,it can setting xyz coorrdinates of position and rotation.(For almost Primitives)

Body>Image... Now a dialog can makes import External or Internal-Image.

Boolean (v2.2.1)

Camera Settings

Camera Operation

The color scheme of User Interface

You can choose from some themes for color scheme.

Native,Classic green,Olive,Grayblue and Darkblue Themss.

v2.1.3 (Note: In order to make it easy to understand, the color scheme has been changed intentionally.)
To Open "Preferences" dialog to select from top menu or to click "Gear Icon" form icon bar.
Also you can edit the color of particular part of background and text, and Icon design set.
(Blue Cube:Default)
(Crassic )
(Purple Tube)

Create Normal Map for BumpMap

How to ?
  1. Unwrapping an object to prepare UV and a Material.
  2. Load an original Image file,(For example Sample file )
  3. For create Noraml map texture, In outliner window ,Select the Image file,and open RMB menu,execute "Create Normal Map" command.
    (See Using the Wings3D 'Create Normalmap' feature in Wings3D forum)

  4. Set the normalmap_file D&D to Material to as Bump(NormalMap).
  5. Turn on Scene Light or/and Camera Light from View menu.

Create PBR Map and shading

How to?
  1. Import an original texture.
  2. Make a material(s)
  3. Make glay-scale or normal image(s) from original texture.(For example,using RGBA channnel from original image)
  4. Image item drag & drop into the material
  5. Choose mapping type (Diffuse/Metallic/Roughness/Emmisive/Height/Normal/AmbientOcculsion)
  6. Create Primitive > Light object(s).
  7. Set View <Scene Light or Camera light

Phisically Based Material

Internal Changes

Delete:PickUp and Drop -> Drag and Drop
Delete:Some UI coloring
Top menu resource change

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