Jig & Sample Files for intermediate‎ user
for Practical training.


Unofficial Wings Render Module (For PC/Mac which has Intel Iris Graphics)

Cartoon Edge exporter(SVG/EPS)beta
for Wings3D v1.5.4 & 2.0 later(2015/09/06)
Wings3D palette collection
These palette files(*.wpal) are make for Material color setting,decide on UV map Chart,or Drawing Pixel art!? on Wings3D.

These wpal files are available for Wings3D 1.4.x or 2.x.x later.Choose "Import" from RMB menu on Wings3D color palette.

*About allcolor and classic_kit data.These two files are orginally GIMP Palette file made by David Revoy.
I converted these data to Wings3D palette.Thanks for original author!

Color Source
Import an image,select the image item in Outliner,open RMB menu > 'Show' ,open color palette and edit a color, use color picker over the image.

Image Test Files
Which a texture format can/can't import to Wings3D? To be prepared in various types of files is very hard.
So,These files can use for test,Wings3D Tryout,Plugin Development,Debugging,and BUG report etc :)
Contain the image format are Inkscape_svg , Illustrator_svg , PostScript , EPS , PSD , WindowsBMP(16bit , 24bit , 32bit+Alphachannel Color) , DDS(DirectDraw Surface) , jpeg , jpeg2000 , TIFF(Layer/Compressed) , GIF , PNG(Contain Transparent) , and TGA(Contain Alpha).

Note: Some file formats may fail for import to Wings3D,but in accordance with the specification,it is correct.

These resoruces are made by Pixelmator3.0,GraphicConverter9.0.2,PhotoShopElements 9,Inkscape 0.48.2,Illustrator CS5,and Preview.app(MacOSX 10.9)

wpc_tt modify : Make for a 3D object of CJK charactors
(Note: This is experimental modified plug-in!!!)

For Wings3D 2.x.x
Wings3D ver2 utilizes GUI that due to Wxwidget.Therefore no longer a problem of keyboard input.

日本語フォントやアジア文字フォントを使用する場合、エラー回避のため 最初に必ずNumber of edge bisections オプションを最大値の3に指定してください。
(この値が小さいと、特定のフォント(GenSin Gothic Bold,M+Lightなど)、で特定の部首(言偏や月偏)が含まれる漢字でエラーが出ます。
When using a CJK font,please set "Number of edge bisections" to 3 as the MAXIMUM. Otherwise Error is occur. (M+font Light Midium and GenSing Gothic Bold etc...)
For Wings3D 1.xx
Reference materials(External Links)

Screen shot archive
Japanese translation file for heightmap_surface plug-in(Fix for v5.9 and v5.10)
Wingsfont for Wings3D 1.5.1
(This font can't use V1.5.3, 1.5.1 only) Wings3D1.5.1 Japanese translation

OSX binary files of Qhull,Tetgen for ManifoldLab 2013

Japanese translation for Micheus's heightmap_surface plug-in(2013)
Wings3D Document support Project(WIP) Demonstrations
Wings3D1.4.1 Japanese translation Japanese translation for Micheus's heightmap_surface plug-in(at build 17)