Install MEMO Wings3D's Install/Uninsall , Plugin's Install and Renderer's Install.
OSX 10.5〜10.10,Windows7,WindowsXP,Ubuntu

A program is installed as a directory/a folder. Although of the MacOSX version is visible to one file as an exception, many files are contained in inside in practice.

Choose display fillter(if checked):
  • Kerkythea Echo boost(2011)for Windows
  • Kerkythea Echo for Mac/Linux(2008)
  • Nice GUI Application,Easy to use
  • Started Guide,Material Editor Guide is available.
  • POV-Ray3.7(2013) Win/Linux
  • MegaPOV3.7,GUI/CUI version(OSX)
  • Usefull option for Rendering Quality
    (+Qn;0-12/color only/shadow/transparent etc...)
  • Recommend for MacOSX User
  • YafaRay 0.1.99 (2015) Win/OSX/Linux
  • Easy rendering for transparent background.
  • Blender friendly: Exporter for blender is the main.
    (But stand alone yafaray-xml is available)
  • Development has almost stopped.
  • Mac version installer does not works
    to the latest OSX (So manually install).
  • A little hard for Transparent Background
  • Implicit GUI
  • The Information about the stand-alone version is less.
  • GUI interface is Wings/Blender's exporter only.
  • @rpath issue in Wings3D(OSX)
Other renderer:

Important Note for OSX Yafaray user:
if you want use Yafaray and/or The bounty Renderer.
You might encounter @path issue.
To avoid the issue, to using export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/Applications/thebounty/bin"
For example,you make custom shell script for call yafaray-xml,and set the script's path in Wings's yafaray plugin setting.
Install Wings3D
 Ubuntu(binary install)
Ubuntu(Easy install but current is v1.4.1.)

UnInstall Wings3d

Optional:Remove Wings3d Preference file
If you want clean Wings3D install, should be remove wings3d Preference.txt too,but the settings is reset too.

Where is Preference.txt of Wings3D?
Note: The preference file is exist inside of hidden directory, so you may type "preference.txt" search box (Exploler/Spotlight etc...)

If you manualy find the file, should change file manager's setting on each OS.See following infomation.
(For example : Windows...In the Explorer menu,Tool > Folder Options Then "Folder Options Dialog" /Ubuntu Linux: CTRL+H hotkey on the Nautilus(file manager) /OSX, in Finder,you can use SHIFT+Command+G hotkey and typing the filepath directly.)

How to install Plugin files ?
Various plug-in is already contained in default Wings3D .
But,when you want to read/write a specific file format or to use expanded function, it is necessary to install plug-in made by third party.
( For example... Height-map image importer, Renderman(.rib) exporter , Sculpty-image(.bmp) importer/exporter for SecondLife and Manifold-Lab Plugin collection for Wings3D etc...)
If you found a plug-in made by third party for Wings3D ... If it is Simple plug-in, the archive file will be unzip and Choose a beam file with "File > Install Plug-in".
In the other hand, some plugin consist of many folders and files. Such plug-in is mostly compressed by tar/gz.
But you may not unarchive the file. That is Wings3D's work.

If the installation was successful, a small message dialog will appear.
Once installed, you can use the plugin's function without a reboot.
Trouble shooting for non Latin User
If Wings3d make Crush log when you tried install a Plugin,then you should move tar-file(plugin-archive) to desktop. And challenge install again.
(This issue is caused by the file path that contain non-Latin characters,so change the file-path by read from desktop.)

How to manage Plugin files?

Where are Plugin files install?
for plugin manually un-install.Referring to the directory structure in the archive files of the original that you downloaded, you can identify the whereabouts of the plug-in file.

Kerkythea Renderer Install
 Ubuntu(binary install)

POV-Ray Install
 Ubuntu(binary install)

YafaRay install
At fist install YafaRay export plugin for Wings3D
Download "New YafaRay 0.1.2 Beta 2 and Newer - Plug-in from Oortman3D - Wings3D
(Note: Yafray =/= YafaRay , Yafray is old version of the YafaRay.)

Tips for non-English user.
How to switch language for user interface.
Use a Preference dialog in the Wings3D, and set Language and System Font.

However in the current Wings3D v1.5, file-dialog and Interface can indecate UTF-8 strings, but can't load to UTF-8 filename.

What a good file name for save to 3D data is ?
When you put on file for import/export Wings3D,
Use the file or a path/folder... Where have to make a work folders for Wings3D?
Also you can work on the folder under MyDocument(WinXP),Desktop(Win7,OSX,Linux) What to do if Wings3D was in trouble unrecoverable.
(Example: Wings3D can't open directory.)
  1. At first quit Wings3D application.
  2. Delete Preference.txt of the Wings3D.
  3. Restart the Wings3D application.
Where is location of Preferences.txt?